Handmade Rustic Pizza

From Only £5.50 per person*

North Nibley Hog Roasts are proud to now offer delicious rustic handmade pizzas to our clients, cooked onsite with fresh ingredients.

We supply and set up a gazebo, gas supply, oven, serving table, serving platters, paper plates / boxes , napkins, oils and staff to cook & serve.

Pizzas are cooked freshly on the night of your event in front of the guests and placed on our serving platters for everyone to help themselves from your chosen toppings. Our dough is prepared within 24 hours with only fresh ingredients and topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Margarita, (mozzarella cheese)  £5.50each

Napoli – (anchovies, mozzarella and tomatoes) £6.50each

Italianano, (prosciutto ham and rocket) £7.50each

Liguria Pizza (Pesto & olive) £6.50

Ham & pineapple £7each

Veggie garden, (mixed vegetables) £7

The Meaty One, (Mixed meat) £8 each

Chilli Beef £7.50

Pepperoni £7.50

If there any other pizza topping you would prefer please let us know.

*Minimum of 50 pizzas per event

*There is a set fee of £189 added to the event.

Please note we do not use a wood fired pizza oven but do get the same affect with excellent tasting pizzas.

Please click here to contact us for more information.