Finger Buffets

We use the freshest and locally produced ingredients to create our buffets for the highest standard. All the dishes are made fresh in our kitchen unless customer requires catering to take place at specified sites. A great choice for informal parties, evening wedding food and christenings.

Example Menu

Freshly made sausage rolls (Optional flavours available)
Locally made farm shop Scotch eggs
Tandoori chicken skewers
Honey mustard sausages
Locally made farm shop Pork pies
FBBQ pulled pork wraps
(v) Vegetarian Quiche
(v) Mozzarella, pesto, green leaves wraps
(v) Selection of kettle Crisps/vegetable crisps
(v) Local bakery rolls
(v) Bruschetta, (toasted baguette, garlic, tomato, red onion, basil leaves, balsamic dressing)
Sweet chilli cream cheese crouton, top with king prawns
Rosemary, thyme and lemon chicken drumstick